Aline Zalko

"1977" chez Michel Lagarde
Exposition du 12 février au 26 mars 2015
Galerie Editions Michel Lagarde
13, rue Bouchardon
75010 Paris
t. +33 1 42 02 50 85

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Huang Jun Tuan, Taiwanese Photographer. His Studio「TUAN TUAN Photo Studio」 is located in Taipei, Taiwan, Asia. Works includes: Portrait, Fashion, Commercial, Culture, Culture and Creativity, Non-mainstream Music, Indie Music, Tattoo Art and Fine art.

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Rina Kanehara

Prix De Lausanne : 43rd International Ballet Competition

Rina Kanehara of Japan from Princess Grace Academy, Monte-Carlo, Monaco performs during the classical selections of the 43rd International Ballet Competition 'Prix de Lausanne' on February 7, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The Prix de Lausanne is an international competition open to young dancers aged 15 to 18 who are not yet professionals. The best finalists win scholarships granting free tuition in a world renowned dance school or dance company.
music : Saraband - J-S Bach - Goyo Montero

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Nacio Jan Brown

For a period of years, beginning in the mid-1960s, Nacio Brown photographed virtually all of the major anti-war and social protest movement activities in the San Francisco Bay Area. THE LEICA CAMERA BLOG

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Camille Rousseau & Julien Mignot

Les Invisibles

exhibition Studio J'Adore ce que vous faites
23 passage Dubail

One print medium, two expressions. First you see the icone, the deep black, you guess, you perceive. And then, you approach and see. Blur and accurate. You dive then back. Why stop?

Camille Rousseau's website

Julien Mignot's website

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J'Adore ce que vous faites studio's website

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shotNlust clue.

© Harley Weir

Harley Weir is a London-born, Berlin-based photographer.

I just want to move someone. It doesn’t really matter what emotion it is really—whether someone’s disgusted, or it reminds them of love or anything like that. Any emotion, I would be very happy. It’s so difficult to move people.

Harley Weir's tumblr

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Alberto García Alix

Un horizonte falso (A false horizon) is “a world of altered presences trapped in an instant of eternal silence. Here the visible is a metaphor of itself and of a thought. Thought as a revelation fuelled in a monologue that is stretched over a horizon. A false horizon...”

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shotNlust clue.

© Csilla Klenyánszki

My work is photography based, however I find it important, that step by step I start to use other media as well. My process is quite intuitive, which starts with a fascination about a certain form or function.

Csilla Klenyánszki's website

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Satoshi Saïkusa

Satoshi was born in Japan in 1959. He arrived in Paris in 1984 and began shooting in 1986. In 1988 he began to direct advertising films. One of his last projects presents reconstituted, cut portraits in pinned pellets. It was presented at Art Fair Art Paris (DA-END Gallery, Paris)

Louise Bourgeois , pastilles épinglées, tirage argentique, 158 x 187cm, 2013

obtained from nine cut silver prints, in which the photographer slips all kinds of elements to give depth to the portrait of Louise Bourgeois. With reference to the spider symbol of the mother in the work of visual artist, Satoshi pinned in a true spider portrait and left a spider walking path inside the frame and weave its web.

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art-s - 2014.06.16

Michael Tighe

"I live in Los Angeles. Grew up in New York City. I’ve been shooting photos since I was a kid. It was my dad’s hobby. So I had great cameras and a real darkroom from the get go. Started shooting formal portraits and working professionally when I was nineteen, 1974. Studied with famed portrait photographers Philippe Halsman and Arnold Newman, major influences in my early work.
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in order :
Sean Penn - Hurly Burly, couch, LA 1989
River Phoenix
Tippi Hedren

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three studio

The anonymous group (Fukushima) is comprised of three individuals in their late 20s with backgrounds in engineering, arts, and advertising.

see more there : three' website or here Spoon & Tamago

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Nina Mae Fowler

An "iconic" artist with an irresistible cinematic appeal.

- The Cob Gallery


art-s - 2014.03.25

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Lucy Glendinning


source :
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photo : Jessica Dimmock

The Ninth Floor

We automatically click to scroll through the images. Only our index is trembling enough. But what are we really looking at ? Why this nauseous and compassionate feeling ? Fear ? Sadness ?
Jessica Dimmock, in The Ninth Floor serie, delivers us what we rarely have the opportunity to see without being a voyeur of a so private part of life. Without judgment, only with the desire to show us what is the truth, behind their wall of violence, pain.
To exist.

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