David Arky

David is best known for his still life, conceptual and x-ray photography. He loves to create clean, crisp photographs with an eye to simplifying objects to their elemental qualities, depicting their form and texture.


art-s - 2014.04.21

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Celeste Boursier-Mougenot

Depuis une vingtaine d’années, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot travaille ce qu’il nomme lui-même des formes sonores "vivantes", des installations qui déploient dans le temps et l’espace des correspondances, équivalences et aléas entre sculpture et musique.

Exposition du 31.01 au 04.05.2014, les Abattoirs, Art moderne et contemporain, Toulouse

© Extracts from "perturbations"

see more of Celeste Boursier-Mougenot

art-s - 2014.04.08

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Federico Babina

how to reinterpret the language of the "known" artist in his "known" architectural style.

The very talented Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina has just released his latest project: ARCHIPORTRAIT a series made of 33 portraits of famous architects in which the faces and the expressions are made of their architectural styles.

see more&more of Federico Babina

see more&more of Federico Babina

art-s - 2014.04.04

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Deanna Fainelli

SOUL & LIFE within the urban realm.

Based on photographs of her travels, layering metropolis-centric symbols, using her experience in fine art, graphic design, and photojournalism, she "captures the gritty soul of the cityscape"

SEE MORE (...)

Deanna Fainelli's website

art-s - 2014.03.31

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Nina Mae Fowler

An "iconic" artist with an irresistible cinematic appeal.

solo exhibition 'She Shoulda Said No' with The Cob Gallery at Drawing Now Paris. 26 March - 30 March

Booth F2
Espace Commines
17 Rue Commines
Paris, 75003


art-s - 2014.03.25

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Esther Ferrer

Exposition monographique : Esther Ferrer, « Face B. Image / Autoportrait »

Du samedi 15 février au dimanche 13 juillet 2014 MAC/VAL Musée d'Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne

artiste pionnière de l’art action et de la performance avec une exposition imaginée autour de sa pratique de l’autoportrait depuis les années 70.


art-s - 2014.03.09

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Guido Guidi

Guido Guidi was born in Cesena, Italy, in 1941. He studied in Venice at the University Institute of Architecture (now IUAV), where he followed the courses of Bruno Zevi, Carlo Scarpa and Mario De Luigi, and at the Advanced Course in Industrial Design with Italo Zannier and Luigi Veronesi.

Jan 16, 2014 — Apr 27, 2014
Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
2, impasse Lebouis
75014 paris

source → ParisPhoto

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Eike Von Stuckenbrok - The Beauty of a Dyslexic Mind (2014)

"Finally in love with confusion. Being tired of explanations. Move your mind and your ass will follow."

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Anna Piltz & Annikki Heinemann [Oddiseefilms] / Produced by Julia Wilczok / Grading by Dino Fetzer / Sound Design by Clove aka Coutney Rexach / Special thanks for Sconto

When Eike von Stuckenbrok was 14, he left his German hometown and family to study performance at a circus school. There, at the prestigious National School of Circus Arts in Berlin, Eike learned to combine acrobatics and dance while developing his own unique style of movement—for Eike, the back flip is a multifaceted, signature move filled with artful subtlety. Four days before graduation, he dropped out of the school due to artistic differences. Since then, he has achieved extraordinary finesse, appearing in theatrical performances, television shows. In 2011 he was invited to perform before Queen Elizabeth II. This video follows Eike in a slow-motion Matrix-like dreamscape as he demonstrates his mental and physical control—spinning, inverting, flipping through vacant scenes; a library, a laundry room, a subway car, a basketball court, and a furniture-filled Ikea sales floor contrast his grandiose yet agile movements in what are often static spaces.

Nietzsche once said, “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Eike Von Stuckenbrok - The Beauty of a Dyslexic Mind from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

source theavantgardediaries.com >>>

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Aline Zalko

Aline Zalko is a french drawer born in Paris. Her first published work appeared in The New York Times and The New York Times Book Review. She exhibited her drawings in year 2013 at the Salon de Montrouge art fair, Drawing now - the Contemporary Drawing Art Fair, and at Galerie du Jour Agnès B.
Homo Bulla at Gallery Derouillon (38, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris, from the 3Oth january to the 22nd February 2014) is her first solo show.

Aline Zalko est une dessinatrice née à Paris. Ses premiers dessins publiés apparaissent dans le New York Times et le New York Times Book Review. Elle expose en 2013 au Salon de Montrouge, puis Drawing Now - le Salon du Dessin Contemporain, et à la Galerie du Jour Agnès B.
Homo Bulla à la Galerie Derouillon (38, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris, du 30 janvier au 22 février 2014) est sa première exposition personnelle.

Aline Zalko website
Galerie Derouillon

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Yamiken Hori

Junk Head (2014)

Incredible, weirdness short movie

Japanese creator YAMIKEN (Takahide Hori) has uploaded this incredibly sci-fi film, “Junk Head (full version)” on YouTube since January 1, 2014. The film will be screened in the competition at the 2014 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

In the distant future, humanity is hurtling down a path of ruin. Global environmental destructon caused by chemical contamination, radioactive fallout, and UV rays coming through the patchy ozone layer has lead to deterioration of the human genome.…

YAMIKEN's website
YAMIKEN's Facebook

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Christiane Möbus

always find life, a sky

Christiane Möbus
Voller Mond 2008
Edelstahl, Durchm. 287 cm
Drostengarten Rietberg

Christiane Möbus is one of the most important contemporary German sculptor and object artist (photographer).
She represented an artistic practice that made an early contribution to the extension of the art concept. (...)
Born in 1947 she is also high school teacher.


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Andrei Tarkovsky's

Polaroid from the book Instant Light : Tarkovsky Polaroids.

from Thames and Hudson.

Above all, I feel that the sounds of this world are so beautiful in themselves that if only we could listen to them properly, cinema would have no need for music at all. Andrei Tarkovsky - Sculpting In Time (1986)

“Tarkovsky for me is the greatest [of us all],” the director Ingmar Bergman once said, “the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream.”

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Lucy Glendinning


source : ignant.de
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photo : Jessica Dimmock

The Ninth Floor

We automatically click to scroll through the images. Only our index is trembling enough. But what are we really looking at ? Why this nauseous and compassionate feeling ? Fear ? Sadness ?
Jessica Dimmock, in The Ninth Floor serie, delivers us what we rarely have the opportunity to see without being a voyeur of a so private part of life. Without judgment, only with the desire to show us what is the truth, behind their wall of violence, pain.
To exist.

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